Tuesday, 13 September 2011

♥Pre-order 预购♥【CandyDoll】Mineral Face Powder 毛孔隱形陶瓷肌蜜粉.

 Candy Doll is a makeup line produced by the famous gyaru model, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Tsubasa once modeled for magazines such as Popteen and egg.
She now collaborates with domestic high end brands to make personalized designer items, such as legwear, shoes, hats, jewelry, glasses, and color contact lenses. The list goes on and on.
Candy Doll is her own personal line. In 2008, she made a tentative step into the makeup market with only two items: a lip concealer and gloss. Since then, the gloss has become a staple in most gal's makeup bags (partly because of the name behind the brand, but mostly because it tapers perfectly to the extremely popular nude lip look).

【CandyDoll】Mineral Face Powder 毛孔隱形陶瓷肌蜜粉
The #1 mineral make-up & shown in every magazines all over japan! 

*100% natural mineral ingredients 

won't leave your pores clogged even if you forgot to wash it overnight. 

*Long Lasting Coverage with a Naturally Flawless Finish 

*will cover rosacea, acne and scarring 

*virtually Waterproof - Will not fade or run even in humid weather or at the gym 

*your skin will never feel heavy and greasy

日本知名模特儿益若翼设计的蜜粉,打造完美的陶瓷肌 ~


非常容易携带,可随时补妆, 細紋或雀斑都能掩蓋喔 <3




Price :RM85


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